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How did it all began, you're wondering... Well, it's hard to remember all the details right now, but, here it is, in short, in the form of questions and answers (or FEK - frekwentli eskd kweščnz)...

What is terapija.net?

Terapija was originally concieved as an e-zine that would provide its readers with "the reviews of the current music and film releases, as well as reports about concerts and other interesting events; frequency of the updates depending on the weather conditions, free time and the level of inspiration on the part of the associates" (quote from terapija 1!). The name, legend has it, was inspired by one of our members' girlfriends' comment that we are all patients, since we made a habit of getting together every two weeks on Fridays for a mass exchange of CD-s (therapy meetings). Those exchanges have, in the meantime, transmuted into more modern forms ( the Internet, my little ones!), however, the old patient analogy remains. For some it's a hobby, for others an obsession and for the demented few - an illness.

When was terapija.net launched?

The first therapy we knew and loved began... let's see... the legend has it and the earliest written sources confirm - in May 2001.
Terapija.net, as the automated and modified version of its older sister first opened its eyes on your monitors in October 2004...

Is terapija.net a commercial project? I mean, do you people do this for a living?

:))) Read more about how you can help us in "marketing".

Who are the members of terapija.net team?

The original three-person team Pedja – Dejan – Sale with the indispensable moral support from Fera, "the guitar hero of the third milennium", were the ones to get things rolling. Later Fyczo and Hax and some others joined in, for longer or shorter periods. You can find out more about the team in the section appropriatelly named the patients.

Well, I also kind of write something from time to time, so could I join the terapija.net team? Even if I don't write about music / film?

Of course you could. Our only requirement is that your texts have some kind of form and are worth something, but our criteria in that respect are like those of the Croatian people for turbo folk music and similar musical junk. That is, low. Send your text and your basic info to info[at]terapija.net and be sure to get a quick response.

So, to summarise...

So there you are. It's not much, but it makes us happy. This section will be expanded, if the need arises. In other words, everything you ever wanted to know about therapy but had noone to ask before, now you can ask at info[at]terapija.net. The most interesting and original questions will be published and rewarded!

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