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They formed from the collaboration of DJ producer Jon Waters and songwriter Ann Yu. Both artists also have prolific backgrounds. Ann Yu has been in bands that have shared the stage with acts such as The Radio Dept, La Roux, Black Kids, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Mates of State, Jose Gonzales and many more. Jon has produced and DJ'd all over the world. But with all of the experience the duo decided to take a different route when it comes to creating music together. Silver Swans puts a special meaning to the idea of bedroom recordings. All tracks were recorded in late night sessions hidden under covers, in their bathrooms, and right before bed. The songs you hear are a reflection of the dreams they've uncovered and hope to discover... (from http://www.myspace.com/silverswansband)

Tell us something about Silver Swans?
Silver Swans was born, and exists in Jon's apartment. We are truly a bedroom recording project, never stepped foot in a real rehearsal space or recording studio and that's just how we prefer it to be. It keeps our creative intentions pure.

A brief history of how the band started?
Jon emailed me in 2007 to collaborate on a track. I'd never worked on electronic music before so it was very exciting to be a part of his project. The first song we worked on was an amazingly effortless and natural process. Everything came together so well, we kept writing more material and eventually formed Silver Swans from it.

As you're duo, who is in charge for making music and who is for lyrics?
Jon will send me lots of ideas, whatever suits his mood at the time, so many sometimes I can't keep up! I put melodies to them and we work on finishing the ones we are both inspired by once we have the foundation of the song together. Also, sometimes I will send Jon a guitar and vocal track and he will produce the song around that. We don't have one set working process, I think every song calls for something slightly different from each of us and it's inspiring to constantly find new ways of making our music like that. But one thing stays the same, the song is always finished up at Jon's place!

I hear lot of euro pop in your music. Tell us soemthing about your influences?
We love many swedish bands like Fever Ray, Lykke Li, The Knife and Radio Dept so those burnt honey somber tones always seep into our music.

You did covers of The National, Fleet Foxes, Lana Del Rey... Are there any songs that you would like to cover or any artist that you would like to play with?
There are so many artists we would love to play with. Com Truise, Niki and the Dove, Grimes, Bjork, Fever Ray, Washed Out, Chromatics, Purity Ring, Lykke Li, Radio Dept, too many to name!

Song/Album that changed your life?
So Said Kay by Field Mice A friend sent me that song and in college and it made me long for something I didn't have. I just listened to that song nonstop and indulged myself in the mood it put me in, like I was the main character of my own bittersweet movie. (ann) MPLA by Tappa Zukie (jon)

Which do you prefer, CD, vinyl or mp3?
(ann) MP3 I really only listen high fidelity when we are recording, otherwise I am always listening to Mp3s on my laptop through shitty speakers, go figure. (jon) Vinyl for sound quality, and cover art.
Mp3s because they don't break your back to carry a crate of them.

What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?
Jon and I are both obsessing over Grimes and Com Truise. I can't get enough of Claire Boucher's melodies and voice, the playfulness and darkness that come together in her songs. And Com Truise has some amazing sounds, squishy, pulsing, airy, just simply beautiful landscapes.

Thank you so much for your time. Is there any thing else you'd like to say to our readers?
We'd like to thank you guys for listening to us, I mean it means a lot to us that anyone cares at all what we are doing. It makes what we do extra special for us. XO

pedja // 05/04/2012


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