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VIBRONICS: Scoops (Scoops, 2005)

The music of Steve Vibronics was always made for soundsystems. The idea of label that was born in heads of Steve Vibronics and his MC Richie Rootz in the year of 2000. showed to be the one of the best ideas inside the UK dub industry in matter of last few years.

The idea of scooped bass line is acually much more older of the label-name that Steve and Richie chosed. Iration Steppers, Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby was known of this scooped bass lines, and it's massive sound so our guys just carried on the torch. However, Steve's skill of manipulating the sounds ensured his label much more then 13 releases. It ensured him a reputation of a trusted producer who is always aiming for the best, and not excepting anything more. This is proven by the fact that the last vinyl he pressed contains the vocal of Mark Iration(from Iration Steppers). Unfortuanly we don't posses this vinyl & therefore we can't give you the review. But the review we can give you is last 3 releases that prior new releases released few days ago.

First in the line is SCOOPS009, with Parvez from Dub Factory. His two songs, "Crossfire" & "It's a Crime" found it's way to many soundsystems acually due to it's massive scoop lines that they posses. Here lives production of Vibronics that we used to, meaning-strong and massive rhythm section, rageing effects and positive message shared with us through Parvez. Must have!

SCOOPS010 comes with modern toasters Lutan Fyah and Jah Marnyah. On one side we have heavy stepper tune "Spiritual Revival" sung by Fyah which will make you jump. Deep dominant bass-lines, heavy rhythm section and great singing by Fyah is winning combination for your selection. On the other hand, you may chose "Fuss and Fight" by Jah Marnyah which comes in lighter version, and which is made for warm-up or more roots oriented soundsystems.
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The last in the line is SCOOPS011 which has excellent Echo Ranks and his two songs. With first song, "Dreadlocks", there was no problem because a lot of soundsystems accepted it's sound. Here we have, as you can suppose, characteristic combination for Scoops label. One heavier and one lighter song. The lighter song is "Send Another Moses", a great roots-like song who's coming to it's real soundsystem power through dub version by Steve Vibronics.

As you can see, Scoops label is logical choice for every real fan of smart & heavy dubwise-rootical tunes. This is one of the labels you can count on that they will never publish some nonsense, and how all rhythms are signed by mighty Vibronics, it's a great possibility that such thing will never happend in the future. Massive respect!

grade [1-10]: 9

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cover: VIBRONICS: Scoops (Scoops, 2005)
  • Hold to Jah by Tena Stelin/Melodica Rockers by Vitamin M & Splitz Hornz/Don't Judge by Madu
  • Blessings by Wayne McArthur/Zion Way by Vitamin M/Fettered & Chained by Madu
  • Out Of Many by Madu/Guide-I by Splitz Hornz
  • Mercy by Wayne McArthur/Zion Way by Vitamin M/Fettered & Chained by Madu
  • Prophets by Vibronics/Fisherman by Vibronics
  • Keep The Fire Burning by MurryMan/Uprising by Splitz Horns
  • Book Of Revelation by Madu/I Try by Jah Marnyah
  • Stand Up by Madu/Anointed One by Jah Marnyah
  • Crossfire by Parvez/It's A Crime by Parvez
  • Spiritual Revival by Lutan Fyah/Fuss & Fight by Jah Marnyah
  • Dreadlocks by Echo Ranks/Send Another Moses by Echo Ranks
  • Ghetto Life by Jah Marnyah/Strive by Anthony John
  • Struggle by Mark Iration/Forward Ever by Splitz Horns

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