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Your music is not very well known in Croatia, so please give us a brief history about how the band started?
Get Your Gun started in 2008 with me and my brother, Simon and the former bass player, Søren. We're one of those bands that started from litterally nothing - I never sung before and writing and playing music was new for the three country boys we were - and probably still are. So, we were extremely green and just built it up from there. After a lot of shows and the release of a 7'' single and an EP, we released our debut album in Spring 2014, The Worrying Kind, and we've been touring ever since.

Could U compare your music with some more famous bands?
Well, you already did that in your review of our album, didn't you? Let me tell you a story. When we started writing none of us knew that much music. Me and Simons' father loves The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and our horizon wasn't much bigger than that, other than the mainstream stuff playing in the radio. I remember our first concert. It was in the biggest city, closest to us (we come from the Northern part of Denmark)! We played a good show and afterwards some older people came up to us and said: "Great show guys, it reminded me of Birthday Party and 16 Horsepower". We had no idea about what or who he was talking about. Even though our music has evolved over the years and it's become a lot more refined, like our musical horizon, the DNA of our music haven't changed. We were just three boys, who were bored and probably longing for something more or something else than the small village, we were raised in, could provide. Something we didn't know what was.

But to answer your question in a more traditional way - we all listen to a lot of different music and I believe everything you listen to leaks into your musical vocabulary, but I guess fans of rock in the more darker corner of the spectrum, won't be the first to leave the venue.

Describe Your music in four words?
"Very difficult to do" or even better - "what do you hear?"
Your sound is very dark. Where does all this darkness come from?
Good question - I don't know. Thats what came out and it felt natural.
You are comin' from Denmark. Is type of music that You play popular in Denmark?
No, it's not popular anywhere, but we still do pretty well. Ever since we, as a band and as individuals, woke up from the long nap called childhood, we wanted to go abroad with our music - so we did.

How do you work in the band together? Who is in charge for music, and who for lyrics?
I bring the ideas to the table and then we arrange together. I also write the lyrics. Sometimes a song is written fast and sometimes it's takes months.

Do you have any visual aids on concerts and do you think that it is essential for expression of the band?
Well, as much as I like visual aids and understand and appreciate the extra "oomph" it can provide a good live performance, I think the most honest thing you can see is a band playing without any bells and whistles - totally naked. That's when you see if the music is good enough. So if the venue has anything fancy, we'll try to use it to our advantage.

You're on long europe tour for month now, and one month to go. How are U satisfied with it so far? Which shows were the best on tour so far?
It's been good, thanks. The first part of the tour was the "easy part", with a lot of free days inbetween shows. Now comes the hard part with shows almost every day. Norway is always great and London was nice. We're really looking forward to revisit the Baltics among other places and then it's going to be really exciting to perform in a lot of new countries - like Croatia!

What are You expecting from Zagreb show @ Močvara, 25/10/2015?
New faces and ears - that's always exciting! Other than that, not that much - I don't know what to expect, really. We're just looking forward to experience a new country and the people living there! One of the upsides of touring! Enlightment!

Song/album that changed your life?
Don't know - a lot of albums. It was a game-changer, when my father showed me Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. It's not really anything I listen to anymore and I'm not really a big fan, but it was just one of those moments, where it felt like you woke up from something - from years of listening to childrens music. Tom Waits was also an eye opener and someone like Townes Van Zandt definetely felt like a punch to the stomach. There's a lot of great music.

What do you listen to when you're at home or travelling? What are you listening to right now?
I don't listen to that much music when I'm home, actually. I like silence as much as I like music, but Timber Timbre's Hot Dreams is still a current favorite, even though it ain't exactly new anymore. In the van we listen to a lot of different stuff - right now Gram Parson is singing a ballad with Emmylou Harris.

What do you do when you're not working with the band?
Small jobs here and there - but mainly I work at a place where mentally ill people live.

Which do you prefer - CD, vinyl or mp3?
I'm not religious about these things, but I enjoy the ritual of putting on a vinyl and hear it from start to end. But you can't put on a vinyl in the van - so I like music I can hear and use, I guess.

Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?
You're welcome. Well, just that we're looking forward to visit Zagreb and play at Klub Močvara the 25/10. Hope to see you there!

terapija // 21/10/2015


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