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NEMOST - 'Metal music is suffering from a general standardization'

Nemost is the Parisian band on the rise exploring possibilities for melodic death metal through progressive connotations often twisted and keyboard passages that are not indigenous instrument. After all, their setup is composed exclusively of the 'wire and stick', but specifically adapted for the keyboard that you intend to include in future live performances. And that in addition to excellent musicians and intelligent people, and this interview shows that have given us the bassist Thomas Krajewski and frontman Arnold Petit which is a signatory to the complete lyrics of the second acclaimed album "As The Ocean Burns", originally published as a d.i.y. release, and later, in 2014, and for Doowet Records. The two cleverly avoid answering some 'queasily' issues related to the terrorist attack in Paris in 2015, 13th november, especially those that relate to fundamentalist, nationalist and manner of social segregation. Of course, most have opened in topics related to the band and the music, and is proud to announce the appearance at this year's Metalcamp Fest in Slovenian Tolmin.

First, my truly sympathy for all French nation from all team www.terapija.net . How are you? How is public life in Paris and France after black Friday 13th?

THOMAS (bass): The first days after the attack were quite creepy. I've never seen an empty underground at 6pm on Monday, and people were watching all around them. But the following week-end, I went into a pub and everything was back to normal again. I hope that no one will forget, neither forgive, but everyone seems to gradually come back to a normal life despite the alert.

What are you doing that evening? And what are you think and look on that terroristic act?

THOMAS: It was a chance I was just alone at home. I often hang out on friday evening near the Republic Place, and I really was afraid for a friend that actually was there and ran when he heard the bullets. And what about my thinking about these guys ? Well, a whole arsenal against unarmed and distracted people, is it really necessary to say what In think about it?

I won't ask about social-political atmosphere, if you want, you can talk about it. But, I'm interested in how are you living? What do you do? How you survive? Job everyday? Music?

THOMAS: I believe that like almost everyone in the music world, it's not that easy to have a musical carreer and a professional one at the same time. It's possible of course, but yet quite hard. Because of that, I could only play 3 venues during our last European Tour because I had a new jo and no holidays. For now, I try to build my own business, so if it works, I hope I'll have enough time to play shows, it would be sad to work on records and never sustain on the results.

So, let's talk about your music and band... Where is Nemost on French scene? In deep underground? Please, tell us something about the bend? How it's started…

ARNOLD ( vocals) : The band started nearly eight years ago with a different line-up than the one we have today. Along with this changes of personalities within the band, there were two album released (As The Ocean Burns, the second one, is being reissued these days), as well as several bombastic shows and great reviews and feedbacks . And as for the underground statement? I don't know, really. You know, I guess we are in some sort of compromise, because on the one hand, we're not at all tending towards a "true black metal band" attitude and wanting to be underground at any price. But on the other hand, we're definitely not one of these "metal-screamo-core" wanting to be known at any cost. I guess, we tend to do the music that we want without a question of any stylization but Nemost real spirit of composing. Of course, the more our music will touch people and will be spread to get bigger shows and audience, the better! I believe Metal music is suffering from a general standardization and we only wish that we remain true to what we feel and compose.
[ Arnold Petit ]

Arnold Petit

Debut album "The Shadow's Trail" (2010) had a very good feedback on some musical websites, so which is for second "As The Ocean Burns"?

ARNOLD: Actually, As The Ocean Burns received greater reviews than the first one and when a second album receives these kind of warm welcoming, it's always a good omen! I wasn't in the band when The Shadows Trail had been released so I can honestly tell you how much I love this album and how great I felt it is! But I guess the reason As The Ocean Burns received better feedback really is the quality and intensity of the songwritting. Peole loved its variety, its loud energy and riffing as well as the atmospheres we've worked on. It's violence and epicness is probably due to the fact that we've wrote songs to be played in live environnement and that makes a difference.

Your music is complex, have strange arrangements with more black, psycho, even post-rock/metal elements, very specific in song "As The Ocean Burns"...

ARNOLD: Its is true that within NEMOST we love a lot of different things and not only in metal music. Today, I think that metal can't feed on itself and that is why post-metal is so popular these days. The audience can get bored and it wants new things and feelings. Latelely, a reviewer said that "Melodic Death Metal" was too much of a closed-minded labelization of our music. Feels good to read that, you know. As for the self titled track of the album, As The Ocean Burns, it really is a perfect conlusion to the album because it gathers everything you've heard so far listening it. It countains chaos, sweetness, violence, anrchy-like structure, melody and mosh-part. It is progressive but yet very agressive and moody. One of my favorite, in fact. I had a killer time working on the vocals and the lyrics!

Some songs have surprising changes from total madness to sensibility, some acoustic interlude, guitars staccato, spoken-word, keyboards passage... Do you play that on concerts?

THOMAS: We try to make that live. We are working hard during the rehearsals, and we're preparing some new stuff specialy for the shows. You'll have to come and see if ou want to know more about it.
[ Nemost ]


What are you listen, which music, bands and artists? Don't tell me - only death or black, in your music have so many other genres like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Rush, Radiohead, even Mike Oldfield, Yes, early Genesis with Peter Gabriel...

THOMAS: Actually I don't listen as many Metal as past years. I have a great admiration for Fleshgod Apocalypse, and I love so much Pagan Metal bands, but now my heart goes to some more...special music. One of my favourite is Wardruna, but I admit that I listen a lot of movie's or game's original soundtracks. It has an atmosphere that cannot be found in more conventional musics.

ARNOLD: Like i said earlier, we do listen to a lot of things even outta metal. I've reached such a knowledge of the genre now that I feel my favorite bands won't change anymore and there are bands I will still buy the albums and merch blindfolded - such as Tool, Dark Tranquility, Sepultura, The Deftones or Paradise Lost. But as for new discoveries, I tend to listen to a lot of atmospheric music, movie soundtracks and 80's synth. Recently, I've been fond of a project called Carpenter Brut, a one-man band that does electronic 80's like keyboard sountracks, and the guy is a metalhead whose favorite band is Watain! How cool is that!

Lirics. Themes. Lifestyle. About what your songs speaking? Jump from percipience to percipience. Is any poetic persiflage in it or maybe hidden messages?

ARNOLD: I do write all of the lyrics and they're all based upon personnal experience and feelings. So it's not always easy to talk about. I won't say there are "hidden" messages but some of the people that know me quite well could figure some of the lyrics meaning, I guess. But at the end of the day, anyone can read the lyrics within the booklet and find it interesting and recognize themselves into it. For instance, the song Beasts and Bullies had great feedback for behind its generic topic - the violence of the strongest against the weakest and the eternal cycle of violence we feed toward each other - anyone could find himself of herself within its concept that w're unfortunalty dealing with everyday.

Is yours songs accept the energy maybe have some strong social-political motive?

ARNOLD: Well, let say…No! (laughs). But once again, even though we are not some kind of vindicative anti-socio-political hardcore band, we do have a political conscience and as human beings we can't always dissimissed the world that surrounds us. The opening track "Pressure Nation" is obviously tending to speak about this, that is the weight of the society on the shoulders of castaway individuals and group of persons. At the end of the spectre, the lyrics for the finale track As The Ocean Burns, deal with the departure of such groups or individuals, leaving the rules of preconceived society and order, living for themselves and leaving the weight of guilt on the conscience of the ones that are responsible for not caring enough. This is not very positive, misanthropic even - especially with what happens these days in our country and you can feel the need of people to escape - but you know, the lyrics writing process is also a way to capture these things and catalyzing it through music. Good therapy, in a way! We are sympathetic and merry fellows beside that!

Your new video for "Respawned"... Is it reaction for black Friday?

ARNOLD: Absolutelty not! The video has been recorded more than one year ago, so its story and mood and lyrics have nothing to do with the tragic events we've been through.

THOMAS: Absolutely not. It was pure randomness it happend that day, but our video was online just before the attacks.

Do you think about yourself - we are unique band and makes unique music in studio? Why 'yes' or 'not'?

ARNOLD: That would be presomptuous saying that we are unique. As I said, we do the music we want to do, but never leaving the idea of making things differently than a lot of metal bands of the modern era. There are hundreds and hundreds of bands and anyone has its mood and approach. When it comes to studio, well, everyone is doing pretty the same thing. Let say we have complex structure sometimes and logic is probably due to be harder.
In the end, I guess the audience we'll have to deceide if NEMOST is a special -yet unique - band of not. I can say we'll stay true to our tastes and will for energy and we'll only adapt our songs and mood to Nemost and not to its audience.

My congratulations on Metaldays Festival 2016. in Slovenia. What you makes for that happening? How you are passed through that big elections?

ARNOLD: I attend to the last edition of the festival, filled a piece of paper and left the album. Simple as that! But still Metaldays is a massive event now and lots of bands were candidates. Its an honor that the team decided we should take a part of it in 2016 and we'll do our best to rock this place, close to some of our favorite bands in the world! This is a very special place, The Metaldays, you know! Sea, sex, sun and metal! How cool is that!
In fact, if you want a special price ticket to attend the festival, you can contact us and get it for a cheaper price! It may help the band playing later and to come back next year, so everyone would be happy!

Is any chance for some concert here in Zagreb in Croatia, or other Balkans states: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, maybe Hungary?

ARNOLD: Well, if we are invited, be sure we'll come and play! I know for sure that we'll enjoy so much playing in the Blakans for there is a great audience there I believe. If you know associations and organizers, you may tell them about Nemost. The band will get in touch with any proposal. Playing live is essential to us, especially out of France.
[ Arnold Petit ]

Arnold Petit

THOMAS: For sure we won't play only at home. We really want to make a trip from our music. So yes, I guess we will have the chance to play in some of these countries, even all of them I hope.

Plans for nearest future?

ARNOLD: Looking for lives, make the perfect show at The Metaldays and carry on composing a third album!

Maybe you have some special message for audience and public in Croatia and other Balkan?

ARNOLD: Thank you to all of you who read this interview and for the support! Our second album, As The Ocean Burns has been reissued and you can get it both on physical (Findie.com or throught the band email and facebook) and digital -Amazon, itunes, Spotify and Deezer. Our new video, Respwaned, is on youtube so check it out, as well as our official pages where we'll be glad to speak with you at anytime!
If you are going to the Metaldays, we are looking forward to see you at the show, have some beers and simply enjoy! If you want some cheap tickets for the festival, don't hesitate to contact the band, for we'll have what you're looking for!

Thank you very much for your time to this interview.

horvi // 09/01/2016


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