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T: Where are You now and what are You doing?
Fordy: We are on a tour of Europe at the moment and today we are in Madrid, Spain (02/10). Tomorrow we play in Porto, Portugal and then Paris,Germany, Holland and finish in London. Robin and Liam at this moment are doing a TV interview forSpanish TV.

T: You are not well known band in Croatia, so please give me a brief history of how the band started?
Fordy: It's one of those London things, Davey and Robin were producing music for TV, Davey wanted to play songs in a band and started working with Craig and Joe who were already working with each other(Craig and Robin had also previously worked together). Liam heard the trio play and wanted to join as backing voice, but soon was singing the main parts, finally Robin played in sessions at first and finally joined as a performer thus completing the line up about 5 years ago.

T: Why that name?
Davey: We love the sea, but we called the band Cousteau because of our admiration for J.J. Cousteau, even though we grew up in different parts of the world we all watched his television programs when we were kids, those shows were so full of wonder, excitement and mystery, they gave us all a healthy respect for the oceans which i think is the most enduring legacy cousteau has left us. also the imagery and feelings that the sea evokes are perfect for our music.

T: I think You have Your own unique sound. What do You think when people compare Your music with Burt Bacharach, Scott Walker or Tindersticks?
Liam: I think you will always going to compared with someone when you are in this buissness, and to be compared with Bacharach, Scott Walker and The Tindersticks is a great honour.

T: Were there any bands that inspired You to start a band?
Robin: The Doors, The Sex Pistols, Wire, Black Sabbath (I was young).

T: How did You feel when recording Tim Buckley's "Blue Melody"?
Liam: I felt marvellous that night. We got it done very quickly and painlessly. I really like that recording, it got well reviewed.

T: If You could support any artist, who would You choose?
Craig: David Bowie is the God.

T: What kind of music do You listen when You're on tour, at home...?
Craig: Massive range from Brad Mehldau (jazz) to MUM.

T: Your 10 favourite albums ever?
Robin: Hunky Dory - Bowie; Bitches Brew - Miles Davis; Moon Safari - Air; Mad Professor & Massive Attack - No Protection; Journeys into sound - Coldcut;Piper at the Gates of Dawn+Wish u were Here - Pink Floyd; Sign of the Times - Prince; Catch a Fire - Bob Marley; Blues compilation - Jimi Hendrix.

T: Your 10 favourite movies ever?
Robin: Memento, Being John Malkovich, Carnival of lost souls, Touch of Evil, Happiness, City of lost children, Dr.Strangelove, Stalker, Come and See, Toy Story.

T: Tell me something I would never guess about You?
Cousteau: We are all haemaphrodites and Robin has gills.

pedja // 10/10/2002

PS: touched by the hand of lana

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