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Simon Bonney (Crime and the City Solution)

Crime and the City Solution are returning to Zagreb, for the second time in a year. This time with a new album - The Killer. I believe that the band doesn't need to be introduced much, and here is what the only constant in the band from 1977 to today has to say about the new album, the comeback and some other things...

1. The Killer is the group's new album. I read that it started life as a PhD application. Can you clarify that a bit?

A: Well, for me, a PhD and a record can serve similar purposes - they both can be used as tools for making sense of the/my world. In the case of the PhD, which was about US decision making in 1980s Afghanistan, I reached a 100+ pages and then decided it was, at that time, better suited to a record - though the location of the decision making was necessarily different it still ploughs similar earth.

2. A lot of members participated as members in the band over the years. Who's in the band now? How did you find the members?

A: Crime is a collective, a collaboration of musicians with a similar interest in the curious and unexpected, control on the brink of chaos. I always seem to find the right collaborators when it's time to make a record.

3. The new album brings a bit of electronics. Who is responsible for that?

A: Since playing with Chrislo synth has always been a part of our sound - I'm a big fan of Hawkwind's use of electronics to colour rock music - but on this record they are slightly more at the fore. The synth parts were composed by Georgio, Fred and Martin J. Fiedler (our producer) - their position in the mix is down to Martin and Bronwyn who mixed the record.

4. You have lived in almost all parts of the world... where is the best place to live?

A: I was very happy in LA, probably because I had young children and it was the longest I was settled in one place, but I also loved Port Moresby, outback Australia, the Marshall Islands, Dhaka, Istanbul and now Berlin.

5: How do you choose where you will play on tour?

A: Any day I'm/we are not playing is, for me, a lost day, whether the line-up be acoustic two piece or full-band plus guests, so I would play everywhere all the time. However there are logistical considerations that I leave to others and we do what is possible.

6. Is there any city/place where you haven't played yet and would like to?

A: Too many to name

7. Last year you played in Zagreb for the first time and here you are again very soon. How come you come again so soon?

A: Zagreb was a great show last year and now that we have a new record and a new tour it seemed like a good place to return to - we are very much looking forward to playing Zagreb

8. What setlist can we expect? Only new songs or do you go all the way to the oldest?

A: We are a playing a mixture of old and new. Currently we are playing five songs off the new record but out intention is to play all seven going forward.

pedja // 30/11/2023


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