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Matthieu Fays (EZ3KIEL)

Here are some words from our, soon to be guests, EZ3KIEL. Don't mind our english...

Tell us something about EZ3KIEL?

EZ3kiel is build since 1994, but start really to had tour in france since 1999 after a 6 titles cd autoproduce. Quickly the band find a label (jarring effects) who sign them for the first album (handle with care 2001) and after 4 records will be made with them (barb4ry, versus (dvd live with DAAU and guest), naphtaline (multimedia project with dvd rom and cd audio), and battlefield (the last album). Ez3kiel who were 3 (Joan GUILLON (guitare, machine) Yann NGUEMA (basse and visuel) Matthieu FAYS (drums)) since 1999, add one musicien (Stephane BABIAUD (drums, percussions and machines) in battlefield for using less machine and get more freedom on stage.

How did you choose your name?

the name was choose after we watch the tarrantino movie (pulp fiction) the scene with the cheesburger. Samuel Jackson speak about ezechiel to give him good feeling to can kill his victims.

Describe your sound in a few words?

it's never easy to speak about kind of music. Music is music and we prefer speak about emotion. But it's a kind of mix between rock hiphop and electro, with a visual identity. We are really influence by cinema, our concert are like a trip where everybody can make his own story.

Who were your influences from the start?

After fishbone, bad brains and fugazi, we discovered all the English dub scene made by Adrian Sherwood (ONU sound) Audio active, African head charge, we like too some band like sofa surfer. We try to listen all what arrived in our hand, in each kind of music. There all the time something interesting in all the music. Actually we like NIN, pink floyd, queen of the stone age for all the staff they can propose on stage (videos, lights)
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Are there any differences between Battlefield and your first records? If yes, tell us some of them?

Sure there's a lot, the first was a test about sound we never made record before, it was autoproduction and we didn't had lot of time in studio. After with jarring effects each albums were made in different place. For battlefield we just start to work with stephane, we get a new reheasal room bigger were we can record some different instrument part. And like it was just after naphtaline we had lot of difficulty to find a new direction. We just know that we want to make a record where we play more instruments and where the machine arrived after. Joe who were only on machine before start again to play guitare. Like we stop concert since 2 year to prepare naphtaline we need to made it quickly 5 month to prepare album and live who were really short for us, to make sound and video staff.

How was it for you to play with DAAU, i.e. violin, cello, accordion and clarinet?

we discovered DAAU on stage in 2000 and we thought they made a really good work they played a kind of hardcore with classical instruments. After we had decided to guest them for barb4ry and in studio we decided to make a tour together. It was really a great experience, we are more a rythmique band (bass, drums, and machine) and DAAU are more melodic, so the mix of both influence us a lot. We both learn lot of thinks (them how to use machine and us how to build melodies.

You have specific show when you play live. Can you tell us something about that?

Yann NGUEMA the bassiste is graphiste too and there 's video on stage, in first we play synchro with it but the naphtaline project was a work for interactivity, and after this experience we decide to made it on stage, so actually we use a soft for midi and video than Yann made, and we can play midi sound and video sequence in the same time, so like that we can improvised with instrument (midi) and get really synchro with videos. We also had a big ball where there a midi trigger that we give to the public who played song each time they touch the ball. We want to work we interactivity. We work too for multimedia installation where the naphtaline module where decline with old object like bicycle.

Do The Wedding and The Montagues and the Capulets have something in common? And why did you choose to play about Romeo & Juliet?

Not really (the montagues and capulets) were made with DAAU for the second tour together. We would like to put a new song in the set list and roel (the harmonica guy from DAAU) ask for this song. we doesn't record it before, so we decide to put it on the record, and it was interesting cause after the tour with them, the violin decide to stop with them so, we ask them if it's not a problem for them to rebuild the old DAAU band and they were agree. For the wedding we thought about a scene of kill bill, when they were in the church for the murder.
What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?
lot of things, in this moment we like to listen "justice" a french band a little beat like daft punk, "the last shadows puppets" an English band with the singer of "the rascals" and "arctic monkeys", the last record of "john frusciante" the guitarist of red hot chili peppers, and a lot other things.

Some words for the audience in Zagreb?

It's the first time for us in croatia and in zagreb, we already play two times in ljubjana who' s not so far, but we hope to find a new public. We are There's a big dub stage in Zagreb (Radikal dub kolective, antenat and the new band bamwise who play for the first time this 25. but there's a lot of band. Pauk is a good stage, and we are really happy to play with Vuneny who are on our label (jarring effects), and bamwise. It was the gig of our east tour and we hope to had a good after with the vedran sound (Radikal dub kollective).

pedja // 17/04/2009


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