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Rasmus Stolberg (EFTERKLANG)

Danish band, now on 4AD with their third proper album "Magic Chairs". Rasmus, bas and guitar player, agreed to answer on 5 of our questions.

Tell us something about Efterklang?

We are a band from Copenhagen and we like to play music and this is what we do. We play music.

How do you feel to be a part of legendary 4AD family?

it is a little scary and unreal. The catalogue is incredible. We are also proud and happy of course.

Song/album that changed your life?

Unfortunately I don´t have such a thing. Starting the band with my good friend changed my life. Meeting my girlfriend changed my life, but no song or album has yet done that.

Give us some hints about the Danish music scene?

it is really good!! My two latest discoveries are The Late Great Fitzcarraldos and Pinku Noizu

Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

I hope that we can come and play in Croatia soon! thanks for reading and for listening
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pedja // 15/03/2010


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