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Lou Barlow (DINOSAUR JR)

Nakon 17 godina, DINOSAUR JR su ponovo u originalnoj postavi. J Mascis, Lou Barlow i Murph okupili su se povodom reizdanja njihova prva tri albuma (Dinosaur, You're Living All Over Me i Bug). Taj će događaj obilježiti i serijom koncerata. Zasad najbliži našim područjima je njemački Southside od 10.-12.06. Evo što o svemu tome misli Lou Barlow…
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T. Where are you now and what are you doing?

Lou: i am at home in los angeles california, sitting at my computer wondering what to do today: play music? copy my favorite songs from the Back from the Grave (mid-60's garage rock compilation) cd's on to the computer? Surf pornographic websites?

T. Why name DINOSAUR JR?

Lou: J thought of DINOSAUR first, which was a very good name to describe the music we were playing..then a band full of old hippies from san francisco called the Dinosaurs made us change our name (in 1987) after we released our second album..then J added the JR to avoid further legal action...i prefer to call the band DINOSAUR because that is the original and most appropriate name..

T. What was 1st: your reunion or re-releasing your 1st three albums?

Lou: the idea of re-releasing the albums came first , the reunion was an after thought enacted by J's management..

T. Will there be any new materials in near future?

Lou: no
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T. Which song would you like to cover but you didn't yet?

Lou: bloodlust by venom

T. What do you think about PIXIES reunion tour?

Lou: i was not and am not a fan of the pixies..thier fame and fortune far eclipsed anything Dinosaur did though i think they were mediocre in comparison..i think it's very nice for thier fans and very nice for them , they made millions on that tour..i'm jealous..

T. What do you think about new hype american bands, like INTERPOL, THE KILLERS, BRAVERY...?

Lou: interpol released thier first record a long time ago (3-4 years) and are, in my opinion, superior to killers and bravery who are young opportunists influenced by the success of interpol and the 80's new wave revival.. if this WAS the 80's killers and bravery would sound like Motley Crue....pop music is the domain of ambitious musicians and coordinated corporate influence.. i find the production of killers and bravery to be best heard on television or in clothing stores, not on my home stereo..

T. Are Lou and Gary Barlow in same family relation or what?

Lou: not that i am aware of.. although my ancestors are from northern england and one of my cousins looks suspiciously like Gary Barlow..i'd like to think we are distantly related but i have no evidence to support that..

T. What J means in front of Mascis?

Lou: Joseph..but he has always and will always be J only..
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T. Is there any chance for you to come to Croatia to play?

Lou: i really don't know..i don't make those decisions..i am only the bass player...

T. Tell me something I would never guess about you?

Lou: i have new album out called EMOH , and it's good..

pedja // 27/04/2005


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