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COUSTEAU: Nova Scotia (Endeavor, 2005)

COUSTEAU falls into the category of great British pop bands which due to hyper production and partially also because of "more negative" attitude towards "mainstream" media, never have and never will likely to become famous as deserved. Side by side with Cousteau the leaders of this group are definitely GENE and JACK.

After great debut album and phenomenal single "Last Good Day of the Year" (which could even have been heard on our, Croatian, radio stations), there followed a creative downfall with the second album " Siren". This resulted in the change of name into MOREAU (luckily only for a short period), and leaving of Davey Ray Moore who was a music writer, partially a lyrics writer, a piano player and a producer.

And when all seemed to have gone wrong, "Nova Scotia" came along, starting with the new single "Sadness" which shows the difference from the earlier work. Whereas the sound of the debut album was dark and smoky, of the second album blurry, the sound on this one is clear and bright, even in songs named "Sadness" or "To Sail Away" .

The rest of the album continues the brilliance of the debut album, what luckily means that the second and the most difficult album, and departure of D. Ray Moore-a, was relatively quick and painless left behind.

grade [1-10]: 9

pedja // 31/01/2006

PS: touched by the hand of lana

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