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MUNGO'S HI FI: SONGS OF ZION RIDDIM (Scotch Bonnet Records, 2006)

Terapija.net is honored to introduce exclusive review of dub-dancehall riddim "Songs Of Zion" made by non other then Scotland's mightiest Mungo's HiFi soundsystem who's just recently arrived at the market. For those of you who don't know, Mungo's Hi Fi is Scotland's numero uno soundsystem & production team in reggae music, while they debut album "Mungo's Hi Fi meets Brother Culture" published on legendary DubHead label, has seen his promotion through biggest soundsystems like those of Jah Shaka and Iration Steppas. This album gave two massive singles, "Wickedness" and "Ing", while last mentioned single got massive airplay even outside of reggae world via London's legendary eclectic label Ninja Tunes who's producer and DJ Mr. Scruff said that's one of his favorite.

Mentioned new riddim is acually rework of their song "The Truth", which is also featured on mentioned album, and who comes with four new vocals. Ras Charmer is, for example, a relative new-comer with only one album released to this date, "No Mystery" from 2001., but also with list of high rated gigs such as Sting or Love Ting festivals. Charmer delivers astonishing head single "Songs Of Zion", which easely slips the distance between newcomer and headliner on this release. On his work also easely catch up in last time more then ever active Birmingham's singjay Murrayman with his tune called "Yogga", in which he expresses all the love he feels for reggae music. Next follows, in my humble opinion, the best vocalist on the riddim, Margo, with his version called "Bun Dem Thown" which delivers hardkicking, and yet very sensibile tune based on spiritual fiya burn ideology. The last vocal on the riddim is conscious DJ Prince Livijah, who might be known to little older fans of reggae music by all time steppa clasic "Emperors March". He continues to create unique and quality lyrcis, dedicating his song "Fi Real" to Haile Selassie.

All four songs is followed with excellent and all different dub versions, who give's the listnener possibility to choose their own favorite. Nevertheless, we are talking again about excellent riddim from Mungo's Hi Fi that is sure to hit the dancehall hard once again. And it is already hitting them through choosen soundsystems! Thank you Mungo's Hi Fi.

grade [1-10]: 9

igor kozličić // 17/05/2006

PS: you can already buy these singles in 7'' vinyl and mp3 formats at their webshop website!
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cover: MUNGO'S HI FI: SONGS OF ZION RIDDIM (Scotch Bonnet Records, 2006)
  • Mungo's Hi Fi Meets Brother Culture(DubHead records)
  • Mungo's Hi Fi - Rasta Meditation/Belly Ska(Scotch Bonnet records)

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