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INFADELS: We are not The Infadels (Wall of Sound/Trolik, 2006)

This London quartet is a new name on dance pop-rock scene led by LCD Soundsystem, Audio Bullys and Kasabian, whereas majority of their sound is inspired by electro scene of 80-ties (DEVO /to which they owe the title of the album /, DEPECHE MODE, NEW ORDER) and dance scene of 90-ties (HAPPY MONDAYS, PRIMAL SREAM).

I know! You are going to say that there are millions of such bands. This is the truth. However, the question is who may say which of these millions of bands are good and which are bad. Mix of styles that are in place here is more and more present on the scene; however no one dared to name them globally. Even though much alike, each of these bands is in a way special and different from other, precisely because of wide spectre of influences and stiles.

Love Like Semtex is an opening song of this album, which with its pumping bass and art rhythm with less usage of electronic, should introduce us to world of INFADELS and present their sound, but this could only mislead us when comparing it to the rest of the album. After this song there is a current single Can't Get Enough, which is also the weakest spot of this album on the trace of earlier works of FISCHERSPOONER. Topboy reminds of BLUR or recent THE STREETS, but with the non-irritating vocal. More peaceful song Girl that Speaks No Words is classical electro song of 80-ties which leads us into dance punky single Jagger '67, and afterwards there is 1'20', a song that must be heard and cannot be described.

I could do this until the end of album but what is worth mentioning is Murder that Sound and Stories from the Bar which reminded me of PREFAB SPROUT, that is how they would sound in 21st century.

Jagz Kooner production (Primal Scream, Kasabian) with the assistance of Hugo Nicholson (Bjork, My Bloody Valentine) definitely contributes to the band quality, where Love Like Semtex, Jagger '67 or Sunday may stand next to any hit of the strongest bands within this area.

grade [1-10]: 9

pedja // 02/06/2006


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