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WILDERNESS: Wilderness (Jagjaguwar, 2006)

I rarely get the chance to go to the concert of a band of which I have heard nothing, and of which I have only read few lines from the magazine. This was the case with the Baltimore WILDERNESS. Announcement compared them to P.I.L., TALKING HEADS, JOY DIVISION, and it required immediate response. I was not disappointed, on the contrary, especially because of line of events that followed my day.

My happiness was even bigger as they brought to the concert not only cd's and vinyl but also vinyl of their first album issued a year ago. However, these samples had smelt as the fresh new as they were just issued on "incomplete" double vinyl.

After listening to the record and the band live performance the only thing you may conclude is that their music is original and almost incomparable to anything and anybody. However with purpose of the easier understanding it may be described as mixture between JOY DIVISION music theme and DAVID BYRNE voice.

Namely, most of the songs were performed in a JOY DIVISION atmosphere with emphasized drum and base and minimalist guitar such as Bernard Albrecht, aka Sumner performed 20 years ago. On the other hand James Johnson vocal, is a bit deeper than BYRNE vocal, but the singing style, i.e. shouting out the words and the way he does that, is very similar. Even the life performance and specific stage dance remind of Byrne "silly dance".

Although their music does not have specific refrain, or any hit making possibilities, this record is made of 10 great songs, and if I have to separate one, it would definitely be 8minute complex ode "Post Plethoric Rethoric".

And for a conclusion let me explain the term "incomplete" double vinyl., if anyone noticed it. Only 3 sides of this record are filled whereas one side remained empty, what is I believe curious even in world circumstances (without counting in LET 3!!!)

grade [1-10]: 9

pedja // 23/03/2006


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