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The Indelicates Interview

If you have been reading us lately then you are probably aware that we have been obsessing about The Indelicates for a while. It was a love on first sight to tell you the truth. They're damn clever, write brilliant tunes and their first album, American Demo is bursting with amazing lyrics. We are happy to say that managed to got a chance to throw a couple of rather complicated questions to Julia Indelicate and here's what happened:

1. Probably the one everyone asks you but we are courious - Why the title American Demo? Why the story behind the title and using the word demo?

The title American Demo is a cheeky acknowledgement of a UK bands desire to break in America (to chart there), so the album is just a demo to get attention from people in the US.

2. When we first stumbled upon The Indelicates (we are ashamed to admit) we hardly knew anything at all about you. In minutes we were stunned by the sheer amount of stuff that you do - The Bathroom Choir, Wizard rock band, Book of Job. Where do you find the time for all that? Did you perhaps had people that cloned Dolly made clones out of you?

We get bored easily, and we've all been involved in making art, in various forms, for some time. So to stick to just one kind of music, or one kind of medium, just gets a bit dull after a while. Other projects keep you sane when you are touring! And the best thing about having lots of side-projects is that they don't have to be planned out or have a
schedule. Oh, and i would LOVE to have a clone...
[ The Indelicates ]

The Indelicates

3. What we like most about The Indelicates is the theatrical, even folky sound of your music and the clever lyrics in the footsteps of Luke Haines and Jim Bob that actually do tell you something. The songs sound to us like something we would shout from barricades if somehow we managed to jumpstart the revolution. So, do you think that The Indelicates are much different from Luke and Jim? What am I saying is that growing up with lyrics of Luke and Jim often made me understand a lot because they so obviously pointed to the flaws of the world without namechecking the politicans of the time. Can The Indelicates make young people actually get out of the bed and do something about the world outside?

I think there are definitely similarities in the way that Haines and
Jimbob and The Indelicates are writing, i think we all write lyrics that
have some sort of meaning, and for some reason that seems to be a major faux-pas at the moment. Careerism seems to have replaced the writing, so if it isn't about girls, or boys, or love, or anything that has already been written about millions of times already, you AREN'T going to be 'successful'.

Most Indelicates songs are pretty cynical, but they're also, like good
satire, loving. So if they make people get out of bed, tear open the
curtains, and shout "I'm going to change the world" i'd be pretty happy
for them ;)

4. Another thing we loved about Indelicates - the sheer amount of material you've put online for fans, starting with the game, demos, versions of Sixteen. If trully feels like you care and it's such a refreshing change from the money hungry industry. Did we got it wrong?

We have pretty open views art and people viewing it. We don't care whether you pay for our music, or don't pay or our music. No one is making any money out of pieces of plastic with data on them. So why not give it away? We think that the value of the internet, and of the knowledge base that it is, is better than the money.

We are also very VERY poor ;)
[ The Indelicates ]

The Indelicates

5. So do you think the world of music is online? What do you reckon of all those new models for releasing music online? Clever marketing plots or something more?

See above. The value ofthe free flow of data, in whatever form, is more
importat than whether or not artists get paid. Having said that, there are
many many ways of making money. People come up with them every day. The music industry has been VERY slow to realise this.

6. What is really any good being 16 in England? We had rubbish time in Croatia to tell you the truth.

I hated being sixteen. But the songs more about people who are older, or people who are deiberately behaving like children, who pretend to be like children when they AREN'T children. There is a whole bunch of music
infiltrating most of the advertising in the western world, and an attitude
of childishness that i think is becoming increasingly tedious. There has
to be a time when silly little 20-somethings singing silly little baby
sounding songs gets dull. I'm pretty bored of it. Don't get me wrong, if
they were actually kids then i'd have more sympathy. But most of these
people already have had a pretty good educacation. To then tell everyone that it's better just to have fun all the time, to take nothing seriously, and to take evey opportunity to belittle people who DO write about things is arrogant and hypocritical. I hate 20-somethings. And i'm pretty sick of living in England (though i do sympathise, you didn't have had it easy in Croatia)

7. And finally, our cliche question of the night, what do The Indelicates read lately?

At the moment i am reading the collected Ex Machina comics, The Alastair Campbell Diaries, Y The Last Man comics (i've just finished this, it's AWESOME), and i've been re-reading Ariel Levy's Female Chauvinist Pigs (also very VERY good, and worth reading if you think feminism's kind of failed).

Go and see The Indelicates at Frequency Festival!
They're headlining Weekender Stage on 15.08 at 21.15h

kris // 06/08/2008


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