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Lagwagon is an American punk rock band originally from Goleta, just outside Santa Barbara, California. Their name comes from the band's old tour van, which can been seen on the back cover of the album Trashed. The band has 10 releases through Fat Wreck Chords: seven studio albums, one EP, one live album and a collection of B-sides, compilation tracks and demos. (from Wikipedia)

You are almost on the beginning of your double header European tour with No use for a name. Tell me please, how it looks your day before you are leaving the States and coming to Europe.

I am really excited. I think the tour is going to be a lot of fun and I think the shows will be good.

LAGWAGON is known like one of the hardest working and touring band in punk rock. What is the main reason for your success ?

Well, I think it is most important to work hard on your melodies and lyrics with music. Secondly, the more you tour, the better live band you become and the more awareness you will raise. Songs and performance are what matters. I think Lagwagon has always worked very hard for both until recent years.

What's the different between touring in the beginnig of 90, when you started with LAGWAGON and now?

A hotel and a bus was a floor and a van. I'm doing a lot of the floor/van thing again now playing acoustic shows. I honestly prefer it. It makes it more real. Bands get spoiled by the ease of road managers, hotels and busses.

A lot of interesting names, very well known on the Californian and worldwide punk scene pu their mark on LAGWAGON.Chris Shiftlett (ex-NUFAN,now Foo Fighters),Dave Raun (RKL- my beloved band)…You are still very connected with the firs wave of melodic punk scene. It is seems that existing a lot of will and cooperation between californian bands? Can you tell me some more about that?

I grew up in southern California with a lot of people who slept and drank music. I'm proud of my friends, all of them, the ones that made it in music and the ones that didn't and should have. Of course none of that matters now. The music industry has flatlined in the old respect and now it anyones convoluted, over-saturated game. By the way, Joe Roposo (RKL) is playing bass on this Europe tour for Lagwagon. Everyone in our band has been in RKL at one time or another. Even me.

What means LAGWAGON to the members? It is probably hard to be in a such Â"tourableÂ" band for your families, girlfriends and kids maybe?

L.W. haven't toured in almost 2 years. But yes, I tour all the time and it is very difficult to be away from my girls (Wife and Daughter). This why Jesse gave it up I suppose.

You already had been in Europe and Slovenia for a lot of times, tell me the main differrent things between Touring USA/ Canada and Europe.

In Europe and Canada the audience is bigger otherwise they are similar without more specific region.

All this years you are on FAT WRECK CHORDS: it seems like a really good cooperation between label and LAGWAGON. What's the main reason for a such a long relationship?

Yes, it was.

A really super classic end: something to Slovenian fans for the end.

Hi Slovenians. I like you. Wanna hang out in August?

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