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Posljednjih 3000 karata za Pohoda festival u prodaji

We've revealed this year's line up with set times for Pohoda 2017. Selection of artists through the clicking functionality is available again this year. Thanks to this feature you can pick individual gigs you would like to see and then print your list out. There are only 3,000 full festival tickets for Pohoda 2017 left. This Thursday, we will announce information regarding new services through which our partners will improve visitors' comfort. Another piece of news is the launch of combo ticket sale with OFF Festival, Poland.

We're keeping the usual system of concert slot distribution 1 hour - 1 hour (alternatively, 90 minutes - 90 minutes at night). Each concert is followed by a break of the same duration and the neighboring stages alternate with each other. This model allows you to see more music and at the same time eliminates sound interferences between the stages. We've prepared two versions of program arrangement on our website: line-up (by stages) and timeline (by days).

- In line-up mode, set times are arranged by stages into three columns, one per day. Stages and set times are lined up horizontally. Check our lineup here: www.pohodafestival.sk/sk/lineup

- In timeline mode, days and stages are arranged vertically. Bands are lined up according to the timeline in a table through which you can scroll. Have a look at the timeline here: www.pohodafestival.sk/sk/timeline

The record sale of accommodation and parking cards is followed by a quick pre-sale of 3-day tickets with only 3,000 passes left. Pohoda is also known for having partners who contribute to improvement of visitors' comfort and experiences each year. What news they have in store for us this year is something we will reveal at our partner press conference planned at Foxford café at Obchodná Street, Bratislava, on Thursday, June 22nd at 10 AM. You can watch the press conference live on Facebook.

Starting today, you can purchase combo tickets to Pohoda and OFF Festivals in section Tickets on our website. Apart from names confirmed for Pohoda 2017, the discount of 15% gives you a chance to see and hear artists such as PJ Harvey, Feist, Swans, Talib Kweli and many more. Tickets are available for you to buy here: www.pohodafestival.sk/sk/listky
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promo guy // 20/06/2017


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