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2014 by terapija - Shauna McLarnon - Ummagma's Best of 2014

Ummagma has enjoyed a relationship of mutual admiration with Terapija.net since they first reviewed our debut albums 'Antigravity' and 'Ummagma', released together in 2012 (the English version is here). Since this is clearly a website that embraces multiple genres and indie bands, including international ones, we were thrilled when they asked us to put together our 'Best of 2014' list for Terapija.net. Here you will find, in no specific order, what we see as the year's best EPs, LPs, singles, synthpop/electronica releases & indie record labels. The music is all over the board and the artists are from all over the globe. We love diversity. Wishing a prosperous 2015 to Terapija.net and to all its readers, and sincerely so to all the artists and labels below, who have made our lives that much more enjoyable - wishing you all continued inspiration this year. Also special thanks to Jill Beaulieu of Meter Bridge and Del Chaney from Primal Radio & Analogue Wave for introducing me to loads of new synthpop and shoegaze respectively.


Follow the Sea - Sibirien [Moon Sounds Records]

Lunar Twin - Lunar Twin EP

Flying Cape Experience/ Joaquim Barato - "8" Split EP [El Vals del Conejo]

Jaguwar - I EP [Pretty in Noise]

Panophonic- Failure in Many Dimensions [Patetico Recordings]

Wozniak - Pikes Peak [Morningside Young Team Records]

Lights That Change - Celestial [Ear to Ear Records]

Haioka - Rei Row [Emerald & Doreen Recordings]

Ceremony - Birds [Emerald & Doreen Recordings]

Sexores - Historias de Frio

Psychic Hearts - Spiritual Dawn [InClub Records]

Duelectrum - She Doesn't Feel The Sun [Sinewave]

Bloodhounds on My Trail - Escape EP

Static Daydream - The Only One [Moon Sounds Records]

Dead Leaf Echo - True Deep Sleeper

The Enters - Small Town Love


Trementina - Brilliant Noise [Vinyl Junkie]

Novanta - Best Selling Dreams [Seashell Records]

Stella Diana - 41 61 93

Analogue Wave - Casimir

A Shoreline Dream - The Silent Sunrise [Latenight Weekend Records]

Robin Guthrie + Harold Budd - White Bird in a Blizzard [Lakeshore Records]

Snowbird - (Moon) [Bella Union]

Aerofall - Aerofall [Hands and Moment]

Slow Motion Picture - In Memory Of...

Stellarscope- The end is near. I'm not prepared. [Patetico Recordings]

The Virgance - Lost Continent [El Vals del Conejo]

Strata Florida - Made of Stars [Saint Marie Records]

Solarein - Reveries [Bleeding Light Records]

SPC ECO - The Art of Pop [Saint Marie Records]

VA / Planos Definitivos Secuencias Infinitas [InClub Records]

Nube Fenix - Fractal

Slowness - How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain

Orquídea - Abril [HYPE Records]

Alvvays - Alvvays [Polyvinyl/ Transgressive Records]


Wozniak - Five Star [Morningside Young Team Records]

David Garcet - The Days (Feat. Emilia Rey) [Emerald & Doreen Recordings]

Felicia Morales - 4 de Agosto (Mind Movies Remix)

Robsongs - Entre Tantos (Remasterized) [The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records]

Blood Lips - Paper Tiger [Ear to Ear Records]

Thud - Lime

Analogue Wave - Scatter

Radiomaniac - Endorphin

Alvvays - Alvvays [Polyvinyl/ Transgressive Records]

Oeil - Myrtle [Hands and Moment]

Bloodhounds on My Trail - She's in My Plans

SynthPop/Electronica releases

Jeff Appleton - Drawing Trees on Paper

Meter Bridge - Meter Bridge

Foreign Technology - Darker Days

New Neon - Everything iz Demo

Berlyn Trilogy - A Perfect Stranger

Pink Logik - Cadence

Eminent Sol - Decade

Empathy Test - Throwing Stones EP [Stars & Letters Records]

Audiosolar - Spirits and Saints EP

Model Depose - Nightwatch EP

Actors - Jacknife/ Flesh and Bone

Fave Record Labels

Ear to Ear Records

Emerald & Doreen Recordings

The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records

Saint Marie Records

Hands and Moment

Anoa Records

Seashell Records


InClub Records

The Active Listener

Swiss Dark Nights

terapija // 23/01/2015


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