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Ummagma Wins Alternative Eurovision

Ummagma have won the Alternative Eurovision this past week, from amongst 21 countries, to claim the victory for Ukraine with winning track '1+1=3'. This event is organised annually on Amazing Radio and hosted by Dani Charlton. The duo is also marking the second consecutive month with two songs in the Scottish New Music Chart ('Human Factor' at #16 and 'Rotation' at #26, sliding from #10 in April's chart). Ummagma is celebrating these events by offering all 3 songs as a free download.

But the band's global appeal extends further; Ummagma has just released Back To You and River Town as a Split EP with Finnish post-rock fusion band Virta on Italy's Som Non-Label.

Ummagma is a Canadian/Ukrainian duo, creating a beautiful fusion of dreampop, indie rock, ambient post-rock, Indietronic and Shoegaze, sure to please fans of early 4AD output and the early 90s dreampop/ shoegaze heyday.

Last July, they simultaneously released two debut albums. Their self-titled album is rich with immersive ethereal soundscapes, combining the early ambient experimentations of Eno & Fripp with the hazy melodicism of Cocteau Twins and The Sundays. 'Antigravity' adds further shoegaze elements, perhaps more in keeping with the likes of Mazzy Star, Slowdive and Stereolab. Ummagma are making waves with their deep textured soundscapes, mesmerising vocals and beats, making for a rewarding listen.

promo girl // 14/06/2013


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