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CECILIA::EYES: Disappearance (depot 214, 2014)

We waited almost four years to get the boys from the Belgian post rock quintet decide to release a new album. Although it was announced in April, the album was released with a month delay due to technical problems. How predecessor was somehow conceptual, associated with war and the military, I did not know what to expect from the new.

As a precursor, Christophe and others, let us listen Lord Howe Rise and Loreto at Bandcamp. For the latter it can be said that it is classic post rock song with big guitars, while Lord Howe Rise has way more Goth (joy division like) tone, due primarily to the drum that this song dictates the "atmosphere".

When the album was finally released, to get to know us they prepared Bellflowers, which along with the Twin Peaks surface brilliantly passing the endless plains where the snow slowly perceive "jingles" that greet me ... By the end of the song, which takes its eight and a half minutes, there's the blood in the snow and all kinds of things ...

In the middle of the album (Swallow the Key and Default Descent) they went too far in experiments with plenty of samples and electronics. The album was knocked out of rhythm, and it seemed difficult to listen to it in one piece. Towards the end, thankfully they return to more normal structures of songs and they end it in a magnificent way with great guitars and drums punctuated in Reign.

And what to say at the end. This is the second album this year from the "Belgian Cookbook" (the first is "The City that disappears" - with even the similar name), who is in the top of music of today, and even though they made the bands of different musical choices, have many similarities . As well as with the classical instruments of using a fine amount of electronics, they gave you the effort of experimentation, each with slightly more success, and the other with a little less.

grade [1-10]: 8

pedja // 01/07/2014


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