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Stone Dead

Portugalski stoneri koji s Killimanjarom dolaze u Vintage 19.4.2017. Nisu se baš raspisali, a nadamo se da im svirka neće biti tako štura. Za Vas smo s portugalskog preveli na engleski...

1. Your music is not very well known in Croatia, so please give us a brief history about how the band started?

We started the band in 2012. We already played together before that-in fact, we learned how to play instruments together. We wanted to play our own songs, and that's basicly how we started it.

2. Describe Your music in four words?


3. Song/album that changed your life?

Censurados - Censurados (portuguese band)

4. You are coming from Portugal. Is type of music that You play popular there?

Right now the alternative scene in Portugal is very deversified, so there are many people who like this type of music such as another stuff.

5. You're on Europe tour this month. Are there any expectations about the tour?

Meet crazy people, taste a lot of beer, having a great time basicly, we expect good things, but we don't think about it much because we want to taste every moment of it.

6. What do you listen to when you're at home or travelling? What are you listening to right now?

bullshit coming from Jonas mouth...

terapija // 18/04/2017


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