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After great gig in Zagreb and very successful but also very long tour (37 concerts in 14 countries), Mr. Jimi Tenor, was very kind to answer few questions to Terapija!!!
[ JTBB in Zagreb ]

JTBB in Zagreb   © pedja

T: Where are you now and what are you doing?
JT: I'm finally home after a long tour. I'm changing sheets and rolling my daughter around the bed. She is laughing.

T: You changed Your name from Lassi Lehto to Jimi Tenor. Why and why Jimi Tenor?
JT: Oh, the name Jimi stuck to me when I was around 8 years old. The Tenor I took because I play tenor sax (at that time I actually played baritone but it was too long)

T: Originaly you are from Finland, You lived in Berlin, New York... Now You're living in Barcelona. Why so many changes?
JT: Don't know. Basically wanted to get out of Finland. I think my move to NY was the best thing that happened to me. It changed my ideas about music completely. I found Sun Ra there and a lot of latin stuff. Although most of the electronic influence I got when living in Finland and Berlin. Also important visit was when I went to Cuba in 1983 and bought a live album of Irakere, which has always been really important to me.

T: You are dealing with photography, film, music, you have you own fashion collection (TENORWEAR). Where do you find time to do all this and how much time does every of mentioned activities require?
JT: I don't find the time any more...I used to have endless amount of energy, but now I understand I have to concentrate a bit more on limited number on activities. I love photography and still do it. Mostly for record covers and PR shots.

T: Tell us something about Your "Higher Planes"?
JT: you mean metaphorically? I hope to reach a more "buddhist" level of working and living, but at least now I seem to be very far away from those ideas. I hope I could change...

T: You just finished Your European Tour. How was it for You?
JT: It was great, but a bit too long. I couldn't get inspired during the last week any more. Although the last week was musically the best. I don't know. I think inspiration and feelings are the only thing that matters in music. If you lose that there is nothing.

T: I really enyojed Your gig in Zagreb and i think the audience was pretty good. Do You remember anything from that gig?
JT: yeah the audience was great. I also enjoyed the DJ before who had the sense of playiing Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra and stuff that actually has some connection to my music. Unfortunately most DJs play groove stuff only before and after my gig, but I think that is not so great. Especially before it's good to play more interesting stuff when people still don't want to dance anyway.
[ JT in Zagreb ]

JT in Zagreb   © pedja

T: What does the DEER on your music stand mean?
JT: it symbolizes mystery.

T: What kind of music do you listen when you're on tour, at home...?
JT: all kinds. My wife listens to a lot of the new popular stuff and I normally listed to more obscure things. Next I will listen to K. Komeda. A CD I got in Poland.

T: Your 10 favourite albums ever?
JT: can't be asked to answer this one.

T: Your 10 favourite movies ever?
JT: Oh, come on....

T: Do you know Leningrad Cowboys? And what do you think about them?
JT: Personally; no I dont know them ...I dont think anything about them. They are OK i suppose.

T: Tell me something I would never guess about You?
JT: Sometimes when I fish I take the fish eggs straight out from the fish and eat it on rye bread there and then. I add little salt....

pedja // 01/04/2003

PS: This interview was published with courtesy of Chrisa Gourney who is a webmaster of Jimi Tenor. Thanx!

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