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T. Why Moonlee Records?

Mr. Moonlee: Because I am the boss and in business quite often the name is given on this basis. One example I can think of from show business - Geffen Records, not to mention examples from other lines of industry such as Ford, Kellogs etc.
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T. Your first issues are almost out. These are two already known bands LUNAR and ANALENA and one brand new young band DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. How did you start working with them?

Mr. Moonlee: Lunar and Analena are in this project with me from the start, when my intention was only to publish their records. In the course of time, they persuaded me to expand the business, e.i. to make the story a bit wider. Don't Mess With Texas was the first logical choice as I was familiar with their members works in their earlier bands, and I know that these people are reliable. I watched their live performance and listened materials recorded, and in my thoughts I could picture them as a part of my family.

T. How will you organize the distribution of your publications?

Mr. Moonlee: In many ways; via Internet i.e. via web store which I intend to open soon on my web site www.moonleerecords.com , through other labels worldwide with which I already established the cooperation, to mention only some of them: Interstellar Records from Austria, Day After from the Czech Republic, Vlas Vegas and Delboy Records from Belgium, few German, Franch, US, and Swiss distributors etc.... On the domestic ground, meaning in Croatia and Slovenia at the moment negotiations are held with few well known distributors who will, if thus agreed, introduce my publications to local so called mainstream shops.

T. Your future plans?

Mr. Moonlee: My near future will include promotion and search for as good distribution as possible for these 3 publishings. More distanced future is quite unclear and at this moment, I do not know where it will take me.

T. What should a band do to become a part of your label?

Mr. Moonlee: They should be prepared to many restrictions and should not expect me to be there to please them and make them a rock stars. This is something each band should achieve for themselves. At this age of music industry hyper production, when anyone can easily become a publisher, and when to obtain some album from the Internet takes 20 minutes, publishing label such as mine may survive only by supporting bands playing great number of concerts and who willing to invest a lot of time into own promotion. To summarize, what a band should do to become a part of Moonlee Records is to work hard and play as many concerts as possible. My associates and me are carefully monitoring events on our scene and if we spot someone worth publishing we will not hesitate to make the first step and approach them.

T. If you could publish any of the musicians/bands on Moonlee Records label, whom would you choose?

Mr. Moonlee: Uh, I don't know, I have to admit that at this moment I am considering more detecting some new interesting bands, what seems more interesting and less predictable, and more in accordance with my material status which does not allow me to go into negotiations with some well known band. However as this is a hypothetical question, to ease my soul I will say that I would like to publish an album for the band Lvmen. Oh, yes, I would like that very, very much...

T. Address, contact?

Mr. Moonlee: Who wants to contact me may write on moonlee@moonleerecords.com, and also visit my virtual home. My life at the moment takes place on Zagreb - Ljubljana relation, so if you are travelling via that road we may meet there.

pedja // 10/11/2004

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