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Roses Kings Castles interview

Recently we had a great honor to talk with Adam about Roses Kings Castles debut album, touring and the future plans. Enjoy!

I'll start with the obvious question - how did "Roses, Kings, Castles" start and where did the name "Roses, Kings, Castles" came from? We must say that reading the bio you wrote has been rather interesting.

It started back in 2007 when we were on tour with babyshambles, I had lots of time on my hands so I started putting up some of my demos onto myspace, the NME got wind of it and ran a piece on the music, the next day I was a star!!! well not quite - it started the ball rolling, and gave me a little more confidence in my music as I realised people actually liked it..I was worried as it was different to babyshambles.

Your debut album is one of the nicest surprises we heard this year. We completely enjoy it's wistfulness and soft overtones. What influenced your songwriting?

Thanks you very much, it's been a learning curve for me releasing my own album, it's hard when there's no-one else in the band to pick you up when you start to question the quality of the songs.
My influences are very varied from Bert Jansh/Debussy/BLur/Buddy Holly/The Smiths/The Coral, anythign with a trong melody and a little cynicism..

So looking back at the quality of tunes, what's the reason that more of them didn't end up on Babyshambles records? To tell you the truth, the lot of us prefer your debut to both Babyshambles albums.

Ha HA really....may be it's the Eastern European genes appealing to you! I think the songs are a little too tame and rich melodically for the shambles stuff. I don't push the songs onto Peter but he knows he can use whatever he wants so??
I used to be afraid of singing and writing very strong obvious melodies but there came a point when i realised that the only way to create art is to be sincere to yourself and dont try to imitate..
[ Roses Kings Castles ]

Roses Kings Castles

How does it feel to be behind your own songs and to be in the front of the picture?

Scary at times, it's a weird thing to suddenly be at the front of it all, I'm getting used to it but it still feels odd, I dont feel like a 'songwriter' to be honest.
I feel like someone who writes somes songs!

And what about gigs? It must be quite different than being playing on stage with the force that is Pete?

Yes it can be very scary yet an amazing experience, It's only recently that I have felt more comfortable on stage to be honest..
And obviously with pete I'm playing drums so it's a very different game!

You've had some quite innovative marketing techniques in getting your CDs to the fans (IE Sparkling bootz CDs) so what do you think about all these release schemes going around these days? Do you think the future of music is online or that these are just clever marketing plots that work in a certain moment?

I'm not sure really, everyone is panicking at the moment, I think the downloading will be more popular in the future but people will always want something physical like a cd or vinyl..so ??
I think the industry will invent something, they have to , its do or die at tyhe moment...the waves are chopppy out there.
[ Roses Kings Castles ]

Roses Kings Castles

So is "Roses, Kings, Castles" a long term thing? Can we expect many more records to come?

Yes it's a very long term thing, I will be releasing at least another 9 albums or ep's, I'm in the studio in Febuary working on my next album for a release in late 2009.

Finally, what do you read and listen to lately?

I don't read much to be honest, I have no time. but i listen to lots of different music..
Jazz/Classical/pop - as long as it's good.

Thank you so much for answering these and good luck!

thanks for having me x

kris // 31/12/2008


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