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Today we would like to introduce you with independent Spanish record company Moonpalace Records which originates from ezine Moonpalace (perhaps this is the good sign and direction in which our work should also be developed!!!). A very kind person Juanra Prado, is the main and responsible editor of the mentioned ezina and of the publishing company. He sent us promo disc of their first compilation on which you may find 18 great songs of groups such as ARCO, THE WALKABOUTS, FOR STARS, COASTAL, ELBA RODA, JACQUES, JULIUSMONK, TEX LA HOMA, HOOD, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, POLAR, RACINGPAPERPLANES, KNIFE IN THE WATER, ZOLA, JACK …
How and why was Moonpalace records, founded and how to be on one of the following compilations or even how to get your record published with this label, this is explained by Juanra.

T. Where are you now and what are you doing?
J. Mm, well, right now, with my pc, trying to convince him to do what i want him to do ..... but this is really an impossible mission .. I´m with lots of ideas in my head, some plans for next future, trying to confirm them.. but all is in the air (like love).

T. I don't think you are well known record company in Croatia, so please give me a brief history of how it all started?
J. Well, the idea started more or less one year ago. I have a ezine called also moonpalace, and in september last year was the first aniversay, so i decided to make something special. The first idea was to make a compilation, something amateur, i mean, cdr made at home, but then, i started asking some of my favourite bands for songs, and i started receiving them, they were so good that i decided that it must be released, couldn´t be only a home-made compilation. I asked for information about how to do, i contacted with foehn records, they helped me ... and here i am

T. Why that name?
J. Moonpalace is the name of a book from my favourite writer, Paul Auster. A marvellous book. I recommend it to everyone, not only this book, all of Auster´s book are marvellous.

T. Your first record is out now. It's "A Moonpalace records compilation" with 18 songs and bands like THE WALKABOUTS, FOR STARS, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, DAKOTA SUITE, JACK... How did you choose the bands?
J. Well, basically there are some of my favourite bands, so i choose them looking to my records, i started thinking "well, who would you like to be in the compilation", and then i started getting in touch with them. I get so surprised when almost the bands told me "yes, i could give you a song", and also when they were so good songs.

T. What a band must do to be on your label or on your next compilation?
J. Nothing special, only like me .... and wait until have money for more releases . I´m alone into this, so seeing the tracklist of the compilation everyone can see more or less wich kind of music i like, quite sad, slow and beautiful music ...

T. If you could have ANY artist on your label, who would you choose?
J. Ufff..... so difficult question ..... if i must choose only one: Sparklehorse, i felt in love with them with "good morning spider", i would give whatever for seing them live.

T. Your 10 favourite albums ever?
-Suede "dog man star"
-Low "secret name"
-Belle and Sebastian "if you´re feeling sinister"
-Sparklehorse "good morning spider"
-Family "un soplo en el corazón" (spanish)
-David Bowie "ziggy stardust and .."
-James "hits"
-Jack "the jazz age"
-La Buena Vida "los mejores momentos" (spanish)
-Nick Drake …i can´t decide, all of his albums…

T. Your 10 favourite movies ever?
-"a straight story"
-"fight club"
-"a fish called wanda"
-"el golpe" (i don´t know the title for this one in english, that old one with Redford and Newman like thieves, playing cards ...)
-"the big lebowsky"
-"beautiful girls"

T. Tell me something I would never guess about you?
J. mmmm.... maybe that behind this slowcore, sadcore body ... was a teenager in love with tecnopop ..... pet shop boys, erasure .... times, they´re changing..... for good

pedja // 02/10/2003

PS: Distributors outside Spain: Boa Melody Bar (UK), Darla (USA), Glitterhouse (Germany), Monitor (Honk Kong), Norman Records (UK), Pop Art (Greece), Popbiz (Japan), Statik Distribution (Canada), Staubgold (Germany), Tonevendor/Claire Records (USA).

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