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2004 by juanra - MOONPALACE RECORDS

5 best albums

1. cocorosie
2. the one am radio
3. the devastations
4. norfolk and western
5. lali puna

5 best songs

1.nick cave & the bad seeds "there she goes my beautiful world"
2.antony and the johnsons "cripple and the starfish"
3.barzin "just more drugs"
4.rivulets "waited for you"
5.small town boredom "i live here alone, behind the churchyard"

5 best ep

1. bright eyes & neva dinova
2. barzin "songs for hinah"
3. small town boredom "for only the chosen will love"
4. tex la homa "orange moon"
5. rivulets "you´ve got your own"

5 best movies

1. memories of a murder
2. Las invasiones barbaras (i don´t know the title in english, maybe something like the "barbarian invaders"
3. kill bill
4. the incredibles
5. shrek 2

juanra // 05/01/2005

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