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They knocked me down with Age of Denial. Something happend on their way to Lost Harmony. Find out what...

From the last time we hear seems like you lost one member and all your guitars. What happened?

Rew, our bass player, left the band after our last album. I moved to London where Brownie and Larry were living, and we started writing new songs in Larry's living room. My brother Tim joined on bass, and we started rehearsing the new material. We quickly found that the new songs we'd written at home didn't suit the loud guitar sounds we'd used on the last album, and we preferred to keep the songs as minimal as possible. Most of the songs on Lost Harmony have very few overdubs, its just the sound of the 4 of us playing together.

I really liked your sound on Age of Denial. It was hard to get used
to new sound. But I like it now after, like, 100 listens to Lost Harmony?
How was it for you?

The songs are still written in the same way they always were, we were just pleased to stumble upon a new direction to take them in. We were aware that people - like yourself - who liked Age of Denial, may not like Lost Harmony as much. But the songs and the sound came naturally, and we didn't want to fight it just to make a loud guitar record that everyone was expecting. And the last thing we wanted to do was play it safe and try to artificially create what we thought people might want to hear. We were always going to make a better record if we followed our instinct. I'm glad you managed to listen to it 100 times!

How's working with David Allen?

I think I speak for all of the band when I say it was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences we've had since we've been doing this. Dave's forgotten more than we'll ever know about recording music, and he would often suggest things that were perhaps blindingly obvious to him, that we would never have even considered. He's also a nice bloke and very funny, which meant we all got along very well, cause we're all nice funny blokes ourselves.

You don't have "Lost Harmony" song on the bill? Did you find
harmony on this album or lost and looking for her?

The line including "..lost harmony.." is in the lyrics to the song "Our Lost History". The content of the album is darker lyrically than it is musically, and we wanted the title to reflect that. We liked the idea of having happy sounding songs with miserable themes. Sennen in the studio is generally a harmonious experience. We've been friends too long to argue about stupid things like hi-hat sounds.

Last time you promised you'll come to Zagreb. dEUS were here, but
you weren't. What happened?

Its probably because more people in Zagreb want to see dEUS than want to see Sennen. Unfortunately this probably applies to much of Europe where people don't know our records. We're open to playing anywhere if people want us to come! We know there are people who like our records all over the world and unfortunately we haven't been able to play to as many as we'd like yet. Who knows, we could be in Zagreb next time around. I hope so anyway

pedja // 03/09/2012


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