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6. MoDem FESTIVAL @ Primišlje, 24-30/07/2017

24.07.2017. - 30.07.2017.
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Time flies when you're having fun! And we are still trying to grasp the fact that it's time for sixth edition of Mo:Dem Festival. We certainly didn't come so far on our own, and first we want to bow and thank all those people who have helped us to achieve all we have done so far. THANK YOU!
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We believe that always pushing forward, growing and learning is the way how we continue to improve and make Mo:Dem Festival the unforgettable psychedelic experience. So after carefully reading your comments and critics from past year editions, we have put our effort into fixing the problems and improving the infrastructure to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In the 2017. edition you can expect additional changes and surprises.
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For now we can only promise that Mo:Dem won't stop improving and developing as the Festival. We are already working hard to make 2017. edition bigger and better. We are on the good path to offer you the unique festival experience on a high level of production, in one of the most beautiful venues nature can offer us. You know what to expect - diverse musical content and innovative installations, showcasing original and innovative psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art.
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As you probably already know Mo:Dem is set in the most beautiful nature surrounded by trees and crystal clear waters. From the beginning ECOLOGY is important part of our story, and we have big plans in this department. As the new compost toilets were a big success, our plan is to push out the plastic ones completely in next few years.
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Be aware that Mo:Dem politics is not about expanding it's numbers but investing in the quality and content, so tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy your on time. Early bird tickets will be on-line in short period. So keep an close eye on our facebook page and website, check out global promotion parties around you... and most of all save the date for the most Demented experience yet.



https://www.facebook.com/events/559379634259373/ (Facebook Event)
http://www.modemfestival.com/ (Homepage)

promo guy // 13/06/2017


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cover: Lastovo Otok Glazbe 2017 @ Lastovo, 01-04/08/2017

Lastovo Otok Glazbe 2017 @ Lastovo, 01-04/08/2017

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cover: LJETO u MSU: Detour @ MSU, 08/07/2017

LJETO u MSU: Detour @ MSU, 08/07/2017

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cover: Fest Jazza Koprivnica: Davor Križić Quartet @ Le Petit Café, Koprivnica, 24/06/2017

Fest Jazza Koprivnica: Davor Križić Quartet @ Le Petit Café, Koprivnica, 24/06/2017

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cover: Zeke, Eke Buba @ Vintage, 30/06/2017

Zeke, Eke Buba @ Vintage, 30/06/2017

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cover: J.R. August @ Vintage, 22/06/2017

J.R. August @ Vintage, 22/06/2017

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  • 22/06/2017 > 24/06/2017 | [srbija] kragujevac, arsenal fest
    demolition stage - arsenal festival, četvrtak 22. 06. 2017
    izbor radio beograda 202
    hrabri krojač (beograd)
    kreativni nered (pančevo)
    tri kapljice (novi sad)
    crossroad (loznica)
    cornix (banja luka)
    the commandos (smederevska palanka)
    bunt rok festival
    the filters (beograd)
    izbor organizatora festivala
    rok planeta (kraljevo)

    demolition stage- arsenal festival, petak 23. 06. 2017.
    izbor portala noizz:

    drvotruo (kikinda)
    irvas (beograd)
    no no instigator (zagreb)
    white city massive (beograd)
    gift (novi sad)
    erik and the worldly savages (beograd)
    bunt rok festival
    random (beograd)

    izbor organizatora festivala:
    21 gram (beograd)

    demolition stage - arsenal festival, subota 24. 06. 2017.
    izbor emisije bunt rts:

    empathy soul project (zrenjanin)
    gub (ljubljana)
    wolfram (novi sad)
    krilat i beo (beograd)
    hurleur (negotin)
    intox (kragujevac)
    bunt rok festival
    viva vops (beograd)

    izbor organizatora festivala:
    dingospo dali (beograd)
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  • 22/06/2017 | zg, močvara
    damo suzuki's network
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  • 22/06/2017 > 25/06/2017 | slunj, r/verse fest
    r/verse festival
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  • 22/06/2017 > 25/06/2017 | velika gorica, ranch kurilovec, exposure music festival
    stuart neville sco
    milan stančić kimi bih
    lilly drumeva bg
    zvonka obajdin (svemir) cro
    jerry mažgon slo
    ana lovrenčić (mixed up mary) cro
    bojan aleksić chavez srb
    sam chelcraft eng
    johnny l'ove srb
    ivana bastašić basta cro
    doug andrews usa
    sebastian doe cro
    jakob kobal slo
    juraj jurlina cro
    claudia heidegger aut
    željko thot cro
    shane o'fearghail irl
    seed holden cro
    anita iličić srb
    mark peters eng
    aljaž hrastar slo
    mali makedonski gušter slavko srb
    light bulb cro
    matej kermavner slo
    igor agejev cro
    andrej abramušić cro
    teo golub cro
    saša paljenkaš srb
    miki solus cro
    good news cro
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  • 23/06/2017 | zg, boogaloo club
    nouvelle vague
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