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LYRICAL BENJIE: Rastaman Style (Majestic Sounds, 2004)

Since the "Ten Plagues" EP hit the streets in 2002, the eyes and ears of roots public is forwarded to Amsterdam from where the Dutch Lyrical Benjie is sending his positive vibrations. This LP is closest to the something we call hit in world of music industy. All soundsystems played it, and all visitors of parties loved it. Two years later the world is witnessing the arrival of "Rastaman Style", the absolute masterpiece incurred from cooperation of King Shiloh - soundsystem who's vital part is Benjie, apropos their label Majestic Sounds and creme of european roots/dub production.

Vibronics, Disciples, Iyah One, Cultural Warriors and Dub Creator are the names that guarantee quality sounds for years now, and according to fact that their cooperation with King Shiloh also lasts for years through exclusive dub plates that they produce for them. So Benjie had a genious chance to really get to know the riddims in they soul before entering the studio which finnaly contributed to the quality of this release. The title song, also a first song on the album is one of my personal favorites, if it's all toghether possible to separate one title among these jewels. By explaining the true meaning of rastaman's style, and with help of heavyweight dubwise production of Disciples, Lyrical Benjie succseeded to create an unique atmosphere that you encounter rarely. No one can fake honesty, and that is excatly what's coming out of every pore of this song. The same thing is with other songs. Deep minded "Til Shiloh Come", uplifting "The System", deep "In The City", strong "Serious Time" and final masterpiece "Jah The Conqueror" are the songs that posses the rare capability to charm the listener and completely overcome his attention by sending him to musical and lyrical trans. Every song is over 7 minutes long, and comes with dub part within it so with every tune you have a full service, and you don't have to worry about separate dub tracks.

Although by formats that other musicians fancy six songs present on "Rastaman Style" couldn't be called an album, the job which Lyrical Benjie done with his co-workers is much more worth than that of his colleges from the scene. And not only that he offered in every means a complete record, but he also once again concluded with 100% efficiency that quantity isn't measure for quality. Because if quantity took primate over quality, Benjie will be just one of "those" singer. Now, through exclusive work for King Shiloh and to them kindred channels such as Majestic Music, he's much closer to great singers of reggae past who made name for themselves through hard work on soundsystem, rather then prostitution-singing for every accessible studio or producer. Benjie is extremly careful and pedant when it comes to recording, as he's also very blessed with gift of singing, and that is the main reason why his music sounds so great!

grade [1-10]: 10

igor kozličić // 21/03/2006

PS: "Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise His name in the dance...sing unto God, sing praises to His name; exolt HIM that rideth on the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before HIM...sing unto HIM a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise..." Selah!
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cover: LYRICAL BENJIE: Rastaman Style (Majestic Sounds, 2004)

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