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Heavy Trash na 10. FV Music Festivalu!

10. FV Music Festival u Ljubljani ugostiti će u kinu Šiška u subotu 19.09.2009. Jona Spencera i Matta Verta-Raya, u duetu poznatije kao Heavy Trash!

O tome kako su Heavy Trash divan bend ste već puno puta mogli čitati na stranicama Terapije, pa ovaj put evo što kažu press materijali:

On stage and in the studio, Jon Spencer, has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with such ferocity and wild abandon it is hard to believe that there is anything left. The trail of musical destruction in the wake of his groovy hate-fuck combo Pussy Galore still smolders with the stench of avant punk trash and nasty garage ooze and grind, while his towering work with the Jon Spencer Blues explosion remains an indelible totem to his enormous mojo spirit and red-hot power of deliverance. He is Daddy Boss Hog! He is the Blues Exploder and Microphone Destroyer! A Gibson Brother! The man who shared a Chicken Dog with Rufus Thomas, got Soul with R.L. Burnside, and enjoyed a greasy Lap Dance with Andre Williams! He is The Man Who Loved too Much!!! And while the Blues Explosion is on a rock'n'roll holiday, Jon has not rested! He has not worked on his tan, he has not read the latest summer blockbuster!! NO!! Jon Spencer has chosen the righteous path, and got Way Out with his pal Matt Verta-Ray and the Heavy Trash!!!
[ heavy trash ]

heavy trash

Matt Verta-Ray grew up in the loving arms of left wing parents who wouldtake him to folk and blues shows long before he sprouted sideburns. (His mother passed away in the '90s, still angry that Dylan had gone electric, despite the fact - Matt is quick to point out - that she owned tons of Sun rockabilly 78s, which he very gratefully still has.) In the late '70s, young Matt found himself one of only twelve people who went to see Bo Diddley at a Canadian fairground. After the show, Bo came out and preached to Matt for an hour about the dark secrets of rock'n'roll. And the rest, as they say, is history - from sitting on the edge of the stage with Bo, to thumping bass for Madder Rose, and then onto his hard-wired decontructionist rootsabilly band Speedball Baby, where he developed his slashing-dagger guitar style - to forming Heavy Trash with his friend Jon Spencer. Matt is also the mad scientist behind the jungle of tube amps and old-school echo machines that form the mutated nucleus of his analog cave, world-class recording studio NY Hed, where musicians come from all over the galaxy to get... Way Out!!!

Heavy Trash su do sada izdali dva albuma, s/t prvijenac iz 2005. ''Heavy Trash'' i njegov nasljednik ''Going Way Out With Heavy Trash'' iz 2007. Dvije godine su prošle, a novi album, koji će se najvjerojatnije zvati ''Midnite Soul Serenades'', bi svjetlo dana trebao ugledati upravo u rujnu ove godine.

Uz Heavy Trash će nastupiti i The Bambi Molesters i Nero Burns.

ana // 29/07/2009

PS: Prema najnovijim informacijama Heavy Trash bi trebali uz Ljubljanu svratiti i do Zagreba, ali o tome više nakon službene potvrde.

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