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Arthur Kremer (STELLASTARR*)

This is one of American bands with typical pop, hit making debut album which thrilled me with the British sound reminding me of my too early retired brit-pop heroes Pulp. Pop hit songs such as Jenny or My Coco simply make you dance and hop around.
Sound of the second album (provided to us by virtue of Jonny Kapps, the man in charge of their management, as Croatia does not have their record company distribution) is a bit more complicated, full of harmonies and melodies as the title "Harmonies for the Haunted" says. Already the first song Lost In Time, captures the listener in its own world, lost in time, and I believe that very few of us managed to exit this world before the end of album.
That's good for some people, and for some bad. For me it's another good album published this year that will be listened to in the years to follow. This mainly relates to Lost in Time, The Diver or Island Lost at Sea.

By kindness of the abovementioned Jonny, we managed to contact their drummer Arthur Kremer and received (some) not so polite answers to polite questions.

T. Where are you now and what are you doing?
A. This very moment I am at work...doing some laborious graphic design
monkey work.

T. A brief history of how the band started?
A. Sweet lord...I've answered this one, too many damn times...I am sure you can find this info out on the web somewhere. Our web site and/or message-board is a good place to start...

So, if somebody is interested, according to Arthur, he/she can check on their web site.

T. Why that name?
A. see above response...

T. Were there any bands that inspired You to start a band?
A. It was never the bands that inspired me it was always the music or rather the creation of it. I listen to grand scope of different music. Anything from Bjork to Brahms.

T. Your new album ?Harmonies for the Haunted? is out now. Tell us something about new songs? Are there any major differences between the debut album and the new one?
A. Everything about it was different. The intent for starters. We had a goal, a mission if you will...In so many months time, we had to produce a finished product. For the most part, we knew how we wanted to recorded it, how we wanted it to sound and how we wanted it to feel. We were most certainly "going for something" specific. We wanted cohesion, and unity on this album. We also wanted to achieve scale and capture mass, and volume Some of these things were not an issue the first time around. Our first album was for the most part a collection of songs which were written from the time we all met to the time someone said "Hey let's record some of this". I feel we came along a great way as both musicians and collaborators. I also think we have ways to go and many more uncharted territories to explore...I guess that's what's so exciting about it...I can't wait!!! We also wrote and recorded the album in freezing winter and I think that has had some influence on the sound as well.

T. Your favourite albums, books, movies??
A. Albums: Misery Is A Butterfly?Blonde Redhead, Grand Turizmo?The
Cardigans, More Songs About Building and Food?Talking Heads, Animals?Pink
Floyd, Portishead-Dummy,
Movies: Moonstruck, The Last Emperor, Alien, Starship Troopers, Made.

T. If you could support any artist, who would you choose?
A. How's about ABBA

T. Tell me something I would never guess abut you?
A. I make a great dessert called "La saucisse de chocolat".

And all I can say is thank you very much and maybe sometime i'll have a chance to try that dessert...

pedja // 22/12/2005

PS: touched by the hand of lana

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