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WEDDING PRESENT: EL REY (Scopitones, 2008)

Možda će Vam se ovo činiti najčudnijom recenzijom ikad, možda ćete smatrati da ovo uopće i nije recenzija, no nakon preslušavanja ovog albuma, netreba ništa drugo reći osim sljedećeg…

Santa Ana Winds

When she says: "I'm handing myself to you entirely, completely"
Before asking, sweetly: "And are you falling for me too?"
And that's when I pretend that I don't have a girlfriend

I must look anxious because she fixes me with this gaze
"Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot," she says
We laugh together but I'm trying hard to ignore the fact I've won the jackpot means I've lost a whole lot more

Spider-Man On Hollywood

I thought I saw a superhero but it was just Spider-Man on Hollywood
I thought I saw a supermodel but she had hair where I don't think she should
Yes, things can be a parody of what they first appear to be

I thought I saw a flying saucer last night but of course it was just an aeroplane
I thought I saw Winona Ryder but my eyes were playing tricks again
Some things look wonderful but then they're different when you look again

I Lost The Monkey

Now I discover you've found yourself a young new lover
Well did I mention that that was never my intention?
Here's my confession: I was just teaching you a lesson
Did you see through me?
Because instead of running back here to me you just said: "OK, if that's what you really want"

The Wedding Present - Santa Ana Winds


And then he says: "I'll love you if you'll let me"
And she says: "But, baby, you've only just met me!"
Touching, laughing, flirting, dreaming
But, inside, there's a voice that's screaming

He says: "Don't wake up, but I have to be somewhere else today"
And, still wearing make-up, she watches as he walks away
And, although he's managed to enthral her, she already knows that he will never call her


I knew something wasn't quite right; you haven't said a word all night
We didn't even kiss
Now you're suddenly telling me that you're leaving me
Do I get a say in this?

So have you felt like this for long and will you tell me what went wrong?
I don't know where I'm at
Oh, you have got to give me more than just "Hey, sorry, there's the door"
I think you owe me that

The Trouble With Men

Don't say: "Hello"
You're far too gorgeous for me and I know that if you talk to me then I'll raise my hopes up again
And I will spend all weekend wondering if you could be my girlfriend
Instead of loving my wife and getting on with my life

Model, Actress, Whatever

When I stare at you (OK, it's just a jpeg (I have a few))
But when I scrutinise your face I don't see a picture, I see a hiding place

Because you have the most insanely beautiful eyes
And you'll devour the world, the day they recognise your awesome power

Meanwhile I'll be here, still just watching

Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk

We talked about a second date
She said that meeting me was fate
And, though I don't believe in that crap, I said: "Yes"
We both knew where the night would end
But when we kissed, I won't pretend, I still shook with apprehension, I confess

And then I said: "I could fall in love with you"
But, as I recall, she said: "I like you too"

And that little word was the warning sign
That little word meant she'd never be mine, as I discovered the next day
A text on my phone saying:
"I don't know whether I mentioned him last night, but I'm getting back together with my old fiancé
I'm sorry, by the way"

The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend

(Me to her)
It's been in my head but I've never said anything to you before
And to simplify, well, I've been living a lie but I can't lie anymore
So I'm going out here on a limb; I don't want to pretend
Because the thing I like best about him is his lovely girlfriend

(Her to me)
Why didn't you say that you felt this way?
This is all just too surreal
And I'm going to need time because right now I'm not sure how I feel
Well, yes it's true, I might've thought about you, but it all seemed quite unreal
Yes I'm going to need time

Boo Boo

You just don't get it at all, do you? Boo Boo!
The reason I call is that I still love you

Your eyes are glistening as you fill my glass to the brim
And though I despise listening to you talk about him
Seeing you being with that man is much better than not seeing you at all
And you can't leave
Not when we've been having such a ball

You just don't understand, do you? Boo Boo!
That tonight was all planned because I still love you


But you were still my girlfriend
My one and only until the end
The last time that I checked

Or, are you telling me, in your own way,
Is this how you say that you're desperate to be single again?
Well, yeah, but 'til then…

You were still my girlfriend
And I just can't comprehend
Is self-control too much to expect?

ocjena albuma [1-10]: 10

pedja // 09/07/2008


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cover: EL REY
  • George Best (1987)
  • Tommy 1985-1987 (1988)
  • Ukrainski Vistupi V Johna Peela (1989)
  • Bizzaro (1989)
  • Sea Monsters (1991)
  • Hit Parade 1 (1992)
  • Hit Parade 2 (1993)
  • Watusi (1994)
  • Saturnalia (1996)
  • Singles 1989-1991 (1999)
  • Take Fountain (2005)
  • Search for Paradise (2006)
  • The Complete Peel Sessions 1986-2004: Remastered (2007)
  • Shepherd's Bush Welcomes the Wedding Present (2008)
  • El Rey (2008)

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